Get Down With This Sound
Get Down With This Sound


2022-06-01 - "Then you're allowed to call me a useless fucking cunt on the way there."
2022-05-25 - I Have Been Living My Best Authentic Sad Queer Life, Soundtrack Provided by Orville Peck
2022-05-25 - No Answer Is An Answer
2022-05-12 - Only The Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Guilty
2016-05-07 - I am running out of Motörhead albums to add to my collection, I should get the goddamn Rickenbacker already.
2014-03-20 - "...And all I got was this lousy button!"
2014-03-05 - Cut you in, I just cut you out
2014-02-20 - Minutiae of Dumb Cunts
2014-02-10 - Triumph of the Ill