The Ayatollah of Rock 'n Rollah
Get Down With This Sound

I am running out of Motörhead albums to add to my collection, I should get the goddamn Rickenbacker already.

If you are "lucky", you will live long enough to bury your parents.
It will be a shit show, even if the relationship was solid, or healthy, or however people refer to the antithesis of what I know
I hope you don't get to know the pause that comes before you sign the affidavit saying the death certificate info is true to the best of your knowledge, that you have done your best, for a person who could not be arsed to sign your birth certificate, who did not do their best in over 30 years
You wanna laugh, but that kind of black humor might scare most Minnesotans. It's TOO dark. It's thundersnow during an eclipse dark. It's entire orphanage population in the chipper shredder dark.
Basically the best thing of having grown up a bastard is being accustomed to the idea of being fatherless, so in practice, this is just par for the course.
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